The Better Design Business Management Series

If you want real advice from proven experts, these insightful guides bring you some of the best of PSMJ’s powerful thinking and battle-tested insight for growth.


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In The Value Pricing Imperative for Design Firms, you learn exactly what you need to do to develop and implement a competitive pricing strategy. This book is packed with proven practical advice on managing cost, contract types, pricing change orders, cost accounting techniques, negotiating methods, liability considerations, bidding approaches and much more. 

In How to Get the Best Clients at the Highest Fees, you learn about the specific factors that you need to synchronize to generate high fees and high profits. There is no need to ever win proposals based on bids ever again. Learn specifically how to PRICE YOUR VALUE, exceed your client’s expectations, and build ongoing professional relationships.


Painless Project Management spells out your project management role from business development all the way to overcoming budget problems and exceeding client expectations every step of the way. In this 418-page hardcover book, you learn proven strategies and tactics you need to build deeper client relationships, deliver stronger financial performance, and stand out from the pack.

Whether you know that your proposals need an overhaul or just want some inside tips from the experts on how to improve, PSMJ’s High Impact Proposals is for you. High Impact Proposals puts the tools that you need for success right at your fingertips. This compilation features some of our best-selling and most popular articles and thinking on what it takes to build a proposal that gets you the job.

How to Build and Maintain a Strong Client Base for Your A/E Firm takes you from start to finish and gives you proven and action-oriented advice to tackle every challenge that comes your way. Now more than ever, you cannot simply hang out a shingle or rely on your technical expertise and experience to bring clients to your door. To grow and thrive in today’s economy, you need sound and proven marketing strategies and tactics.