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If you are like most A/E/C firm leaders, you know that one good idea can make all the difference. Just one good idea can push your firm to that next level or overcome that lurking challenge – be it entering a new client market, grooming future leaders, or just about any other hurdle that may get in your firm’s way.

But, here’s the problem. When you and your leadership are so deep into your architecture or engineering firm, it isn’t easy to tap into new, diverse, and fresh thinking. You may often wonder, “How do other firms like ours deal with this?” but the answer to that question can be quite elusive. Until now.

Consider your PSMJ subscription to be way more than just another newsletter. It is your conduit to new ideas, visionary thinking, and action-oriented data…all 100% focused on improving the business performance of A/E/C organizations just like yours.

There is a difference between COMMON practices and BEST practices.

In today’s fast-moving information overload world, it seems that there are surveys, blog posts, webinars, and more everywhere you look with some nuggets of advice on how you can be more successful. The trouble is that so much content out there is just re-stating what lots of others may (or may not) be doing without making any distinction as to what the most successful industry-leading A/E/C firms are doing. PSMJ’s carefully-curated content ensures that you are not getting generic filler, hypothetical fluff, or anything but proven battle-tested advice.

Here are just a few of the issues that we’ve recently tackled in PSMJ (with lots more coming!):

  • Repairing unpredictable profitability
  • Five tips for a better schedule
  • Don’t play the design-build game if there are more than 4 other teams
  • Five ways to raise your profits
  • Do A/E firms with unlimited PTO really exist?

What makes PSMJ more than just another newsletter?

  1. We work with your peers, colleagues, and competitors to get to the substance of the story. We can tell you exactly what works—and more importantly—what doesn’t in today’s A/E/C space.
  2. We give you exclusive access to tools, checklists, and templates that give action to decision. We offer reasons why action is necessary and then offer up the tools needed to implement positive changes.
  3. Articles are quick and easy-to-read. We understand you are busy. PSMJ gives you advice you can put into action easily to see quick results.
  4. Unmatched access. In addition to an expansive network of hand-picked contributors, PSMJ gives you a direct link to our own consultants and subject matter experts. Submit your questions on anything at all and we’ll get answers for you. 
  5. Risk-free confidence. If you are not completely satisfied, PSMJ will provide a complete refund—100% guaranteed!

The Resources you Need to Succeed

With one-year of PSMJ, you get 12 value-packed monthly issues, PLUS …

  • New PSMJ Discussion Forum. This is exclusive to your colleagues discussing real challenges in real time. 
  • Online Archive. Access to our online archives with thousands of value-packed pages of content. It’s like having marketing, finance, and HR experts at your fingertips
  • $100 OFF any event or training. You save $100 on the best events in the A/E/C industry. You can attend any in-person PSMJ seminar, boot camp, roundtable, or conference for less ... through this benefit alone, your subscription can quickly pay for itself!
  • 10% OFF. You save 10% on any book or manual purchase in our bookstore. This is proven advice backed by years of experience (excludes benchmark survey reports).
  • Special Reports. Enjoy exclusive access to special subscriber-only data, reports, and insight throughout the year. Each of these are valued at $147.
  • Quarterly Market Forecast. Receive free access to our Quarterly Market Forecast Report (valued at $147) and stay up-to-date on which markets are hot and which markets are not.

Our Readers Love Us

Our readers tell us that there is no better way to stay on top of their game ... getting valuable new ideas from every issue. Here's what a subscriber recently had to say:

“PSMJ is proof positive that other people think and do as I'm recommending—to open colleagues' minds to best and peer-group practices in business development and marketing.”

“Reading an issue of PSMJ helps provide and maintains currency of our information on various industry trends and metrics.”

“I use this newsletter as an educational tool for our PMs. I ‘clip’ articles out of it to support the internal educational activities we already undertake with them.”

"I was expecting the newsletter to be good, but this exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how much material you can squeeze into one issue."

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