Lattes, Puppies, and Unlimited Vacation

Attracting, Retaining, and Empowering Millennial Design Firm Professionals

Lattes, Puppies, and Unlimited Vacation

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Baby Boomer executives and Generation Xer managers who successfully engage and channel the energy, creativity, and technology-savvy Millennials will not only ensure this segment of their workforce does it better than those before them, but will guarantee that these young professionals will help those around them to meet and exceed today and tomorrow’s business challenges.

"They combine the teamwork ethic of the Boomers with the can-do attitude of the veterans and the technological savvy of the Xers. At first glance, and even at second glance, (Millennials) may be the ideal workforce and ideal citizens."

- Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, and Bob Filipczak
Generations at Work.

In Lattes, Puppies, and Unlimited Vacation: Attracting, Retaining, and Empowering Millennial Design Firm Professionals, author Tim Griffin updates his 2009 ground-breaking Winning with Millennials, providing new and better insights into the generation that:

  • Continually search for new opportunities81% are actively looking for a new job
  • Regard less than one year on the job as determination25% say staying 7 months means loyalty
  • Plan their exits well in advance41% expect to be in their current job for only two years or less

You’ll learn how to leverage the tremendous drive and energy of the generation coming out of today’s colleges and universities. You’ll learn how to transform your firm into one that will both attract these young professional and provide an environment where they can thrive and stay.

This new edition not only tackles the question of how to prepare your Millennials for firm leadership and ownership, but also features testimonials from this next generation of design professionals on how your firm can best lead them for future success. You will also learn to prepare them for the continual challenges that they must meet to achieve not only the firm’s goals, but their own.  

With a great store of experience, Griffin captures and explains what it takes to work beside the next generation of architecture and engineering firm professionals. He explores how to:

  • Deliver a training and mentoring culture—instruction that is on-the-spot, brown-bag training, and relevant experiences
  • Maximize your delegation strategy—let go of work, trust your staff, and focus on the big picture
  • Learn from successful firms … new hires and technology, planning for ownership transition, and more

Stop spinning your wheels trying to lead and inspire. Lattes, Puppies, and Unlimited Vacation: Attracting, Retaining, and Empowering Millennial Design Firm Professionals offers an understanding of a winning strategy that allows you and your A/E firm to reap the rewards.

If you would like to hear Tim Griffin talk more about millennials in today's workplace, please listen to him on the PSMJ Podcast below.

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2018

Number of Pages: 274 pages

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ISBN: 1-55538-351-3

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