A/E Regional/Branch Office Management Study

A/E Regional/Branch Office Management Study

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In this report, A/E Regional/Branch Office Management Study: How Today’s Most Successful A/E Firms Manage Their Regional/Branch Offices, we present the results of a study that PSMJ recently conducted on A/E firms’ regional/branch office management practices.

To our knowledge, with 69 participants and rich analysis on firm regional/branch office management practices and a variety of factors that impact regional/branch office management effectiveness and firm performance, this is the most comprehensive research of its kind that has ever been conducted in the A/E industry—certainly that has been conducted recently.

We begin this report by discussing the methodology that we used in conducting our survey and then reviewing the nature and demographics of the participants in this study.

Next, we present the results of the study, starting with what we learned about regional/branch office managers in today’s A/E firms, followed by what we learned about their regional/branch office management practices. 

In this study, we also asked a range of questions relating to firms’ regional/branch office management practices, and then overlaid that data against firms’ financial performance, i.e. firm regional/branch office management effectiveness.

And finally, we wrap up with specific conclusions based on how the most successful firms manage their regional/branch office management. Our goal is to provide new insight into best practices for regional/branch office management.

Publisher: PSMJ Recources, Inc.

Date Published: 2016

Number of Pages: 28 pages

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ISBN: 155538-355-1

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