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While it is easy to find ways to spend the firm’s money, there is only one way to generate revenue…through projects. This means that your project managers are the gatekeepers of profitability. They are the ones who hold the keys to improved profitability, reduced risk, and deeper client relationships.

Do your Project Managers have the tools that they need to be successful? Do they have one resource that synthesizes countless years of proven experience to deliver results? Where can they turn for a roadmap to project management success? This is exactly what was at the front of our minds when we created the Ultimate Project Management Manual. You’ll find proven strategies that get results in virtually every facet of project management. You WON’T find pages and pages of generic filler that will just create dust on a bookshelf!


With our best-selling Ultimate Project Management Manual, you’ll have the never-fail resource for effective A/E project management. Here’s just a peek at what we have in store for you…does your PM manual contain these?

  • Twenty questions that need to be a part of your go/no-go process.
  • The four most common errors in preparing a ‘scope of services’.
  • Five ways that every PM can secure a retainer.
  • Eight contract terms that will keep your project profitable.
  • Nine topics to cover in your project kick-off meetings.
  • Twenty-six tips for making the best use of your time.
  • Five ways to build quality into your project.
  • Thirteen ways that PMs can make sure they collect their fees
  • Fourteen ways that PMs can generate cash today.

And, this is just scratches the surface of the value that our Ultimate Project Management Manual can bring to you and your team of project managers. The Ultimate Project Management Manual is the finest, most comprehensive resource available for helping PMs maximize project and firm success. No one else offers a resource that even comes close.

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2012

Number of Pages: 738 pages

Availability: In Stock

ISBN: 978-1-55538-110-3

Format: PDF and hardcopy (Contact us for pricing on editable Word version)

Price: 597.00


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