The Ultimate Mergers & Acquisitions Manual

It might just keep you from making a million-dollar mistake on your next transaction.  

The Ultimate Mergers & Acquisitions Manual

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Whether you are considering selling your firm, using acquisitions as a tool to facilitate growth, or just wanting to be more informed when opportunity does arise, this is the one resource that you need by your side.  

In today’s economy, more and more firm leaders are turning to acquisitions as a means for delivering solid and sustainable growth. When it comes to accessing new markets or geographic regions, the right acquisition can bring success a whole lot closer.

But, don’t mistake the all headlines of industry consolidation to mean that an acquisition is easy. The process is fraught with risk and uncertainty – and there are plenty of opportunities for the uninformed to make some catastrophic mistakes.


In this value-packed manual, we cover everything from painting the picture of today's M&A climate all the way through to closing and integration. Here's a peek at what you get:

  • The driving forces that are changing A/E mergers & acquisitions.
  • The right way to build an acquisition team.
  • How to put a value on intellectual capital.
  • 13 ways to find the right fit.
  • What really goes into due diligence.
  • Who to tell and when.
  • And much more.

The Ultimate Mergers & Acquisitions Manual
 brings you hundreds of pages backed with innovative and unique thinking on what makes a successful acquisition. PLUS, you get dozens of tables, charts, worksheets, and templates to get on track for success!


Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc

Date Published: 2013

Number of Pages: 335 pages

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ISBN: 978-1-55538-292-6

Format: Hardcopy & PDF

Price: $247.00 


Purchase The Ultimate Mergers & Acquisitions Manual