2015 A/E Valuation Survey

PSMJ's 2015 A/E Valuation Survey

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Everyone wants to know what their firm is worth. And it’s got to be right. Overvalue the firm and the market for your stock will evaporate. Undervalue it and you could significantly impact the return on investment for selling owners and put the firm’s financial health in jeopardy. 

There are lots of tools out there to determine your firm’s value – all sorts of surveys; ‘XYZ’ formulas; even dartboards!

For 40 years, PSMJ has worked with A/E firms of all shapes and sizes (and helped fix many valuations gone awry). PSMJ now introduces the A/E industry’s most definitive valuation survey available anywhere.

Most valuation surveys are based on invalidated self-reported data. Ours is based 100% on more than 200 actual valuations performed by PSMJ’s valuation experts over the past three years. Every single data point that drives this survey is real and vetted.  No self-reported data.

But, the value of this report goes way beyond just the valuation data. It also contains dozens of case studies that give you detailed insight into the value of firms just like yours. Here are some more reasons why this is a must-have resource for every A/E firm leader:

  • 100% of these cases are post-recession data indicative of today’s market conditions.
  • More than 40 years of PSMJ’s A/E industry experience and intellectual capital drives how we developed and built this report.
  • We don’t just give you multiples and leave. This report includes specific guidance on how to use this data to value your firm.
  • Every case study includes both internal and external valuation data, key benchmark information sorted by firm type, firm size, client type, and lower quartile, median, and upper quartile multiples.
  • This analysis is simpler and easier to use than any other valuation resource available in the marketplace today!

This report contains equity valuation multiples based on:

  • Revenue 
  • Earnings
  • Book Value
  • and more  

While it doesn’t replace a formal and professional valuation opinion, this proven and reliable information gives you the confidence that you need to benchmark your valuation formula, to put a stake in the ground on what your firm is worth, and to keep your ownership transition plan or acquisition strategy moving forward.

Who should have this invaluable survey?

  • CEOs and CFOs of A/E firms
  • Every individual being offered ownership in an A/E firm
  • Every accountant, consultant, or advisor on ownership transition to A/E firms
  • All attorneys writing Buy-Sell Agreements for A/E firms
  • Everyone considering acquiring an A/E firm
  • Everyone considering external sale of their A/E firm

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Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Date Published: 2015
Number of Pages: 167
ISBN: 1-55538-325-4
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