Detailed Course Outline

Project management in the public sector vs. private
What do we mean by “successful project?”
Why do so many public works projects fail?
What is the role of the PM in today’s public works agency?
What are the traits of the best project managers?
Should the same PM manage the project from planning to construction?
How do you manage workflow properly?
How do the personalities of your team members determine what happens on a project?

What is a Project Charter and why is it essential for managing change?
How can you better identify potential changes and unknowns?
How do you effectively manage the project’s stakeholders?
How do you accurately define the scope of services?
What are the 3 things you need to know when dealing with elected officials?
What are the 7 things you need to know when dealing with the public?
What is a PMP and who prepares it?
What are the 4 budgeting methods and when you should use each?
What is a “good” schedule and how to get it?
Why do you need a risk management plan and how do you create one?

Should you do the design in-house or hire a design consultant?
How do you select the best design consultant?
How do you successfully negotiate a design contract?
How do you manage change and risk on a project?
How do you manage “the other stuff?”
What defines quality on a project?
How can you match costs to the level of quality needed?
What is the best way to manage multiple projects?
What do you really need to know to effectively manage a project?
How do you find out?

How do you know if your project is ready to be released for construction?
What are the tools you need to manage your contractor?
How do you effectively run the pre-bid and pre-construction meetings?
How often should you have meetings with your construction team?
What are the 9 critical written communications during construction?
What are the best ways to manage construction claims and change orders?

What is the “red zone” and how to close out a project?
What does “completion” really mean?
What are the proper protocols for project close out?
How can you have the most effective project post-mortems?
What are the steps of a post-mortem?

How will your personal implementation plan help you back in the office?
What is in your digital toolbox and how can you make sure it doesn’t collect dust on your bookshelf?
What are the resources we can give you to ensure you are successful after this Bootcamp?

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