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PSMJ's Ownership Transitions Digital Toolbox

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Proven tools, templates, and checklists...all in one place! 

PSMJ’s digital toolboxes are a great way to jumpstart success. Tools, templates, checklists and much more...all in one place! And, you can rest assured that everything contained in a PSMJ digital toolbox is proven and time-tested.

We build these toolboxes using the best of the best from what we have seen and used over more than three decades. In fact, many of the valuable resources contained in our digital toolboxes come right from the content in our popular roundtable and bootcamp programs!



The Ownership Transition digital toolbox includes valuable tools and resources to help you:

  • Checklist of 59 leadership transition issues,
  • Cash flow spreadsheet for O/T model,
  • Checklist of 73 buy-sell agreement issues,
  • Empowerment questionnaire,
  • Model buy-sell agreement,
  • Model incentive stock agreement
  • Worksheet to estimate the value of your firm
  • And much more!

Everything in our digital toolboxes is designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. You won’t find confusing and mind-numbing models nor will you find generic and useless concepts.

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