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PSMJ applauds your efforts to push your firm to the next level, put new ideas into action, and institute positive change. Like most A/E/C firm leaders, you know that one good idea can make all the difference. Just one good idea can push your firm to that next level or overcome that lurking challenge—be it entering a new client market, grooming future leaders, or just about any other hurdle that may get in your firm’s way.

Now—join the community of architecture and engineering professionals just like you. Our success lies in engaging persuasive, intelligent, and devoted architecture and engineering leaders who devote their time and effort to make their firms great. Every day they strive for greater profits, better culture, and superior clients. And they have PSMJ by their side.

When you join PSMJ, you get these exclusive benefits to help you to be more successful:

  • Instant Answers. Only PSMJ members get access to the ONLY A/E Leadership Discussion Forum. Thousands of design firm leaders share strategies and challenges that are only a click away—with discussions delivered right in your inbox! These are real challenges discussed in real time.
  • Actionable Content. You’re busy. PSMJ articles are quick and easy-to-read and offer instant solutions that your peers, colleagues, and competitors have already vetted. You get 12 issues of PSMJ—Editors and A/E business experts serve up 25+ proven ideas that you can share with your leadership team. Plus, each quarter, you get handy inserts to share with your HR, Marketing, Financial Management, and Project Management leaders.

PSMJ Membership

  • PSMJ’s Quarterly Market Forecast. Each quarter, you stay informed onwhich industry markets are hot and which are not. This is information coming directly to you from firms across the North America.

Quarterly Market Forecast

  • Special Reports. When you need to take a deep dive there are In-depth studies and reports on everything from recruiting to branch management and more. These special reports give you the details you need to support change…based on what the best-in-class firms are doing right now.

A/E Financial Management Software Study

  • Unlimited Access. Members get answers to their questions—each day. When you need to take a deep dive there are past articles, new reports, critical studies, and Ask the Experts.

Exclusive Membership Savings

  • $100 OFF any event or training. You save $100 on the best events in the A/E/C industry. You can attend any in-person PSMJ seminar, boot camp, roundtable, or conference for less ... through this benefit alone, your membership can quickly pay for itself!

  • 10% OFF. You save 10% on any book or manual purchase in our bookstore. This is proven advice backed by years of experience (excludes benchmark survey reports).

Our Members Love Us

Our readers tell us that there is no better way to stay on top of their game ... getting valuable new ideas from every issue. Here's what a member recently had to say:

“PSMJ is proof positive that other people think and do as I'm recommending—to open colleagues' minds to best and peer-group practices in business development and marketing.”

“Reading an issue of PSMJ helps provide and maintains currency of our information on various industry trends and metrics.”

“I use this newsletter as an educational tool for our PMs. I ‘clip’ articles out of it to support the internal educational activities we already undertake with them.”

"I was expecting the newsletter to be good, but this exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how much material you can squeeze into one issue."

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