Maximizing Engineering Firm Profits

Profit Fundamentals

Profit Fundamentals

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This year top performing firms increased profits by as much as 40 percent. In Maximizing Engineering Firm Profits: Profit Fundamentals, Brian Flynn explains the secret to superior profitability. He covers the practice and art of profitability in any economy including a closer look at Expense Ratio, Utilization, and Multipliers.

Exploring the company books, Flynn offers insight into some basic factors that affect a firm’s financial performance. He takes the reader into a deep-dive of such business concepts as:

  • Control and recovery of overhead costs
  • Maximization of time spent on project work
  • Pricing of labor
  • And more!

A companion and workbook to Maximizing Engineering Firm Profits: Profit Fundamentals, Increasing Revenue and Profit provides over 100 practice exercises that tie directly with and solidify the concepts in Flynn’s first volume. Increasing Revenue and Profit is packed with information on pricing and profitability, increasing revenue, and marketing efficiency.

To learn more about A/E firm profits, check out this recent episode of the PSMJ podcast where Brian Flynn goes into more detail about how you can maximize your firms profits.