A/E/C MERGERS and ACQUISITIONS Senior Executive Roundtable
About Your Instructors

Brad Wilson joined PSMJ as a consultant in 2002 as one of the senior M&A consultants. Since, Brad has facilitated both the purchase and sale of A/E/C firms of all types and sizes. Brad’s hands-on assistance with valuation and deal structuring has allowed many PSMJ clients to achieve their strategic growth goals or their ownership transition through a merger or acquisition. His broad-based knowledge of design firms’ cultures and operations has also been invaluable in integration planning and execution resulting in the achievement of financial goals for buyers and sellers. Additionally, Brad regularly facilitates PSMJ’s CEO Roundtables on Mergers & Acquisitions.

Arnon Garonzik became a PSMJ consultant in 2014 following a lengthy career in the A/E/C industry with a primary focus on mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, ownership transition and strategic and operational planning.  Arnon served as the Chief Legal Officer of A/E/C service companies during the first 25 years of his career, including 10 years as a partner and in-house General Counsel of the Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Group, one of the world’s largest environmental engineering and consulting firms.  


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