Past Attendee Reviews

"This program may not change my life, but it will probably change my business…for the better."
— Steve Sain | President | Sain Associates, Inc.


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it amazes me that PSMJ continues to exceed my expectations."
— Julie Parker | Business Manager/Partner | Cornerstone Design Architects


"Provided a perfect mix of high level information that was understandable at various levels."
— Andrew Mrowicki | Director of Construction | SEC Group, Inc.


"Very informative, refreshing of all the key elements that easily get neglected/less attention from the daily grind. Very thought provoking."
— J. David McCutchen | President/Owner | McCutchen Engineering


"It really helped that the instructor has a CPA background and had worked in an A&E firm. He could really relate to our issues."
— Deborah Drexel | Business Manager | CivilArts


"An incredible amount of information. I especially like the ownership transition and valuation."
— David Brooks | Principal | McGuire Engineers (MEPC)


"First time in my career I was able to see all of this information together."
— Kris Johnson | Regional Manager | Kleinfelder


"Very informative. A great source of valuable information as we plan for the future of our firm."
— Delton Brown | Principal | Brown Engineers, LLC