Past Attendee Reviews

"This program may not change my life, but it will probably change my business…for the better."
Steve Sain, President, Sain Associates, Inc.


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it amazes me that PSMJ continues to exceed my expectations."
Julie Parker, Business Manager/Partner, Cornerstone Design Architects


"Provided a perfect mix of high level information that was understandable at various levels."
Andrew Mrowicki, Director of Construction, SEC Group, Inc.


"Very informative, refreshing of all the key elements that easily get neglected/less attention from the daily grind. Very thought provoking."
J. David McCutchen, President/Owner, McCutchen Engineering


"It really helped that the instructor has a CPA background and had worked in an A&E firm. He could really relate to our issues."
Deborah Drexel, Business Manager, CivilArts


"An incredible amount of information. I especially like the ownership transition and valuation."
David Brooks, Principal, McGuire Engineers (MEPC)


"First time in my career I was able to see all of this information together."
Kris Johnson, Regional Manager, Kleinfelder


"Very informative. A great source of valuable information as we plan for the future of our firm."
— Delton Brown, Principal, Brown Engineers, LLC


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