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In any economic climate, recruiting and retaining top-notch staff is critical for long-term success. In this people-based business, it is no secret that an A/E firm will succeed or fail based on the quality of its staff. However, in uncertain economic times such as these, it is more vital than ever to establish clear expectations and guidelines for defining success from your firm's human capital. There is just no room for underperformance or ambiguity...everybody needs to be giving 150%. 

If you have inconsistent, outdated, or incomplete position descriptions, you might just be your own worst enemy when it comes to motivating and inspiring top-notch performance. After all, you can't measure performance if you haven't clearly defined what an individual's performance will be measured against!




Whether you know your position descriptions are ready for an overhaul or simply wish you could benchmark your position descriptions against some industry norms, the process can be daunting. Where do you begin and how can you find sample position descriptions tailored to the unique nature of the A/E/C industry? Look no further...PSMJ makes the process a whole lot easier.

How much responsibility should you give to an engineer-in-training?  Who handles press releases for your firm?  How do other firms like yours distribute their workload to ensure that things get done?  You’ll find the answers to these any many other important questions here.  This reference guide contains hundreds of real job descriptions from firms just like yours!

This value-packed reference guide gets right to the point with actual position descriptions ranging from CEO to co-op student and everything in between.  With this at your side, PSMJ has done the leg work for you and you won’t spend countless hours re-inventing the wheel or run the risk of creating useless and irrelevant position descriptions.

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2012

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