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REAL Buy/Sell agreements used by REAL architecture and engineering firms!

The buy/sell agreement is the most fundamental document underlying the allocation and transfer of ownership in your firm. Without it, you are putting yourself, other shareholders, your employees, and even your clients at risk in the event of an untimely departure of a principal or just about any other unforeseen event that could impact the ownership structure or capitalization of the firm.

Just some of the key areas addressed in a buy/sell agreement include: 

  • Defining the stock or unit price.
  • Dealing with voluntary owner departure.  
  • Setting equity purchase/redemption payment terms.
  • Addressing age-mandated redemptions.
  • Much more…

If you have an inconsistent, incomplete, (or non-existent!) buy/sell agreement, this book is an invaluable resource. With this book at your side, you aren’t flying blind when it comes to preparing, updating, or upgrading your firm’s buy/sell agreement and you aren’t relying on generic guidelines that have no relevance to the business that you are in!

No generic filler and no non architecture and engineering specific material. This value-packed reference guide gets right to the point with 46 real buy/sell agreements from firms just like yours. Stockholder agreements, partnership agreements, and divestiture/buy out agreements…they are all here.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from those who have been there...your peers! 

Publisher: PSMJ Resouces, Inc.

Date Published: 2012

Number of Pages: 577 pages

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ISBN: 978-1-55538-278-9

Format: Hardcopy & PDF

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