Effective, Simple, Yet Powerful Budgeting Technique

Step by Step Top-Down Budgeting


 Budgeting Season is Here! Are You Ready?

In just three 30-minute webinars, PSMJ Consultant Kate Allen, P.E., demonstrates a top-down budgeting technique that will walk you through six simple steps, starting with calculating revenue capacity and ending with a discussion on year-end profit allocation.

Kate will make the process trouble-free and each step will build on the next. During each webinar, she shares valuable benchmarking data from PSMJ’s annual Financial Performance Survey, which allows you to check for “reasonableness” as you develop your budget.

Who should attend: Non-financial managers, financial managers, new and experienced principals, and anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the major drivers of financial statements in the A/E industry!


Six Easy Steps in Three FREE Webinars (a $197 value):

Session 1: 
Step 1: Estimating Revenue Capacity
Step 2: Evaluate Raw Labor Costs and Chargeability/Utilization


Session 2:
Step 3: Estimate Overhead Rate (Labor and Non-Labor)
Step 4: Estimate Target Direct Labor Multiplier


Session 3:
Step 5: Put It All Together – Estimate Your Firm’s Profitability
Step 6: Discussion (allocation of year-end profit/earnings AND 9 key metrics to monitor the performance of any firm)


"Thank you very much, thought the webinar was awesome and was also a very good learning tool. I wish there were more options like this available as travel to seminars is costly both from a lost time and travel cost perspective."
- Michael Gubesch, Professional Engineer, Callidus Engineering


"Thank you for providing these budgeting webinars.
I think they will be extremely helpful."

- Peggy H Hsu, Senior Vice President, Williams Blackstock Architects, PC



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