On-Demand: A/E/C Senior Executive Briefing: "NAVIGATING YOUR A/E/C FIRM THROUGH THE COVID-19 CRISIS"

On-Demand: A/E/C Senior Executive Briefing: "NAVIGATING YOUR A/E/C FIRM THROUGH THE COVID-19 CRISIS"

An Exclusive Teleconference With Frank Stasiowski, FAIA and David Burstein, PE
Recorded Thursday, March 26
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET

stasiowski-bw-1.jpgFor more than 40 years, PSMJ has been here to help you…and today is no different.  You take care of your health and your employees and we’ll help you take care of your business.

In this direct, no BS, action-oriented briefing and BREAKING NEWS message to our industry, PSMJ Founder and CEO Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA, along with PSMJ Principal David Burstein, P.E. draw upon their decades of advising A/E/C CEOs on how to navigate through fear and uncertainty right now.  Frank is a leading futurist and visionary, having written two prescient books on the coming decades of change in A/E/C and how principals should adjust to succeed. Last year he predicted that such a catastrophic event could take down our economy. Dave is the A/E/C industry’s leading data-driven voice on market conditions, speaking regularly on the industry economic outlook.

Together, they will tell you what every A/E/C firm leader needs to do right now to ensure their firm comes out stronger when the dust settles. 

This is a unique, SPECIAL PSMJ teleconference with clear, no BS answers to your burning questions today, such as:

  • What is likely to happen in the next few months?  And what will our world and our industry look like after the crisis has passed?
  • What should I be doing (and not doing) right now to preserve cash?
  • How can I cut costs today in a way that will make my firm stronger after the crisis has passed?
  • What does this crisis mean for my firm’s ownership transition plan?
  • What should my message be everyday to both clients and staff?
  • What are other CEOs across the country doing right now?
  • Which “work at home” policies work and which ones don’t?

Plus you get answers to your specific questions in an extended Q&A session. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to get time-tested and proven advise from the worldwide leaders in the business of A/E/C.


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