On-Demand A/E/C Senior Executive Briefing: April 16, 2020

On-Demand A/E/C Senior Executive Briefing: April 16, 2020

An exclusive ONLINE executive dialogue
with Frank Stasiowski, FAIA and David Burstein, P.E.
Recorded Thursday, April 16, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

stasiowski-bw-1.jpgFor more than 40 years, PSMJ has been here to help you…and today is no different.  You take care of your health and your employees and we’ll help you take care of your business.

In this direct, no BS, action-oriented briefing and BREAKING NEWS message to our industry, PSMJ Founder and CEO Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA, along with PSMJ Principal David Burstein, P.E. draw upon their decades of advising A/E/C CEOs on how to navigate through fear and uncertainty right now.  Frank is a leading futurist and visionary, having written two prescient books on the coming decades of change in A/E/C and how principals should adjust to succeed. Last year he predicted that such a catastrophic event could take down our economy. Dave is the A/E/C industry’s leading data-driven voice on market conditions, speaking regularly on the industry economic outlook. Joining them each week are A/E/C executives and experts fighting the same battles you are.

Together, they tell you what every A/E/C firm leader needs to do right now to ensure their firm comes out stronger when the dust settles. 

This is a unique, SPECIAL PSMJ teleconference with clear, no BS answers to your burning issues today, such as:

• Up-to-the-minute status on project cancellations, personnel layoffs, and access to CARES small business loans
• How one A/E/C firm got their PPP loan last Saturday night
• Which A/E/C markets have been hardest hit by the health care crisis. And which markets are actually benefiting from the crisis.
• How one firm is getting plenty of work from its developer clients in one of the hardest hit markets
• How successful firms are making work-from-home work for them
• Leadership lessons from Hurricane Katrina to keep your team moving forward – regardless of crisis fatigue and burnout
• PLUS the very latest news and experts on dealing with industry upheaval!


Plus you get answers to your specific questions in an extended Q&A session. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to get time-tested and proven advise from the worldwide leaders in the business of A/E/C.


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