On-Demand: Leading the Virtual Team PODCAST — New Challenges for Managers

On-Demand: Leading the Virtual Team PODCAST — New Challenges for Managers

Accomplishing work in the new millennium has become synonymous with Virtual Leadership. The current competitive
business environment and the changing nature of work and the workforce requires effective leadership that spans the
boundaries of time and space to help employees to work together—apart.

Leadership of virtual teams is not the same as leadership of face-to-face, co-located teams, explains harassment, discrimination,
and bullying consultant, Dr. Susan Strauss. Leading a virtual team is more difficult; it requires a dynamic interaction
between technological systems and human systems that the virtual leader has to address and balance for work to be accomplished.

Susan discusses the tools and techniques firm leadership needs to facilitate “working together apart” in virtual environment.
In this podcast, you will learn how to:
• Define essential competencies of leadership in virtual environment
• Plan for four essentials for virtual teamwork
• Identify best characteristics of virtual team/employee
• Recognize the tips for effective virtual meetings

Dr. Susan Strauss has worked as an RN in public health, pediatrics, medical-surgical, psychiatry, and the operating room.
She has been the director of quality improvement, education and development, and held other healthcare leadership roles.
Dr. Strauss researched physician abuse to RNs in the operating room to determine if the abuse varied based on the gender
of the nurse. She is a seasoned speaker regarding bullying, harassment, and violence in healthcare.


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