A/E/C Senior Executive Briefing: "Cut Overhead NOW to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis – and THRIVE in the Recovery!"

A/E/C Senior Executive Briefing: "Cut Overhead NOW to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis – and THRIVE in the Recovery!"

An Exclusive Teleconference With David Burstein, PE
Friday, April 3rd
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET

What’s the real key to A/E/C firm profitability in an uncertain economic environment? Which costs can you cut now – to overcome immediate challenges and reap outsized rewards once the chaos subsides? What wonderful things would happen to your bottom line if you only made just a few adjustments to your Return on Overhead rate and other key metrics?

In this hard-nosed 90-minute online workshop, PSMJ Resources principal and leading data-driven A/E/C consultant David Burstein shows you EXACTLY where you can – and must – cut overhead expenses right now to both survive the COVID-19 crisis and thrive once the storm passes. Applying PSMJ’s eye-opening Financial Performance Benchmark Survey results to his breakthrough modeling and formulas, he walks you through the same specific steps he provides to top-performing firms- the analysis they pay tens of thousands to get and benefit from!

Over 60 fast-paced minutes of rapid-fire data-backed instruction, plus another 30 minutes of enlightening dialogue with A/E/C leaders just like you, learn 11 ways to emerge stronger and more profitable than ever:

  1. What really drives profits (hint: it’s not utilization)
  2. Where to spot opportunities to shave expenses in BD, individual business units, and payroll
  3. Vampire expenses, unwanted even in normal times, you MUST address now to stay afloat
  4. How your firm stacks up against similar A/E firms on Return on Overhead (using the latest A/E/C data), broken out by markets, firm size, and projects
  5. KPIs other professional services use that should shape A/E/C executive decisions
  6. How to boost your revenue factor (utilization rate x net payroll multiplier) to send profits soaring
  7. Knee-jerk cost-cutting mistakes most firms make that WON’T move the needle the way you want
  8. Why cutting overhead NOW – even if your firm isn’t feeling immediate pain from the crisis – is absolutely critical (it will soon be too late)
  9. Success factor metrics that make mission-critical invest-watch-close decisions much easier
  10. Why Employee Revenue Factor KPIs should drive staffing changes, not chargeability
  11. Your biggest controllable overhead expense – the one to ATTACK with ruthless determination

Dave makes clear WHERE to cut and how to take a NO SACRED COWS attitude to making choices. He shows you how your Business Development expenses should he trimmed, where underperforming business units can be shed, why mediocre employees are costing you a multiple of their salary and benefits, the non-labor costs that are bleeding you dry while you sleep, how to tell which seller-doers are adding the most value, and so much more. PLUS: You get proven success factor formulas that eliminate the guesswork – and guide you to your smartest business decisions EVER.

BONUS: You get an action plan template for cutting overhead, one that positions your firm to achieve your most audacious goals once our economic underpinnings are restored.



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