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At the most basic level, virtually every A/E/C firm engages in some form of business planning.  For some, there is just a plan to work hard and hope for the best.  But, hope is not a true business plan!  For others, what is called planning is really just a budgeting exercise where some numbers are plugged in and projections are built.  But, a budget is definitely not a true business plan!  

The firm leaders who really get business planning also get that it is a multi-dimensional effort that provides the dashboard for sustainable growth.  But, too many A/E/C firm leaders miss out on the opportunity to use business planning to their advantage.  As a result, we see some A/E/C firms rise to the top while others bump along.  The ones who rise to the top have discipline and focus and they strive for rock-solid execution.  Good business planning puts your firm out in front on all three of these elements of success.

But how do we define what really goes into "good" business planning? 

When done correctly, business planning includes:

  • Benchmarking our performance versus similar firms to identify our best opportunities for improvement;
  • A detailed plan for how to make those improvements, who will be responsible for each one and when they will be done;
  • An estimate of how much work we’ll get from our current clients and identified prospects from new clients to be sure we can achieve our anticipated revenues;
  • A detailed plan on how to improve the quality of our staff through hiring, development and (perhaps) cutting poor performers;
  • A financial proforma based on our anticipated staff, their utilization and billing rates.

With this as a backdrop, reflect back on your business planning efforts last year?  Did it really deliver the desired results?  Do you and your leadership team see the value of better planning but competing day-to-day priorities or other constraints get in the way?  Maybe you just have no idea where to start...and aren't too excited about starting with a blank Excel worksheet?

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Based on decades of real business planning experience with hundreds of A/E/C firms just like yours, PSMJ's Business Planning Made Simple Toolbox puts all the tools and resources that you need for a great business plan right at your fingertips.

No need to start from scratch, we've done nearly all of the work to build an Excel-based business planning model that you can complete with a minimum amount of effort and expenditure.

What You Get

How It Helps You Prepare Your 2017 Business Plan

PSMJ’s popular Financial Performance
Benchmarking Tool (a $299 value)

  • Shows you how your firm compares to other A/E firms of similar size, practice areas, clientele, and project types.
  • Includes 15 different key performance metrics.
  • Shows your firm’s trends over the past 5 years.

PSMJ’s Business Improvement Template

  • Documents your planned operational improvements including specific actions,responsibilities, and milestone dates.

PSMJ’s Sales Plan Excel Template

  • Forecasts your probable sales and revenues from existing clients and identified prospects from new clients.
  • Allows you to track actual sales vs. forecasts throughout 2017.

PSMJ’s acclaimed “Rainbow Model”

  • Allows you to quickly establish (by consensus of your key principals) the value of each employee to your firm.
  • Establishes a framework to target improvements in your current personnel and identify gaps that require new hires.

PSMJ’s Capacity Budget Excel Template

  • Forecasts your 2017 financial performance based on your anticipated staff, their utilization and billing rates.

Performance and Premium Levels include:

Direct access to one of
PSMJ’s business planning experts 

  • PSMJ’s expert provides direction on how to use all of the PSMJ tools.
  • PSMJ’s expert is available to answer any questions you as you develop your 2017 business plan.
  • PSMJ’s expert reviews your draft business plan.
  • Telephone and e-mail support as you implement your plan.

Business Planning Made Simple Tables

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, the Business Planning Made Simple Toolbox comes in three levels allowing you to choose the level of support and guidance that is right for you.  

Different Levels of PSMJ's Business Planning Made Simple

Looking to hit the ground running with the instant download Excel-based business planning model?  Then the Starter Level is for you.  Thinking you might need some additional support or feeling like some real hands-on interaction with a PSMJ expert is what you need to get past those obstacles that always seem to get in the way, just choose the Performance Level or the Premium Level and we'll be right there with you!

No matter which level you choose, all levels include a tutorial video that takes you through each step of this popular tool!

Select Your Level of PSMJ's Business Planning Made Simple