A/E Firm Leadership & Ownership Transition Study

A/E Firm Leadership and Ownership Transition Study

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In this report, A/E Firm Leadership & Ownership Transition Study: How Today’s Most Successful A/E Firms Plan for Transition and Develop Emerging Leaders, we present the results of a study that PSMJ recently conducted on the changing demographics in today's A/E/C firm, and how firms are developing new leaders as current firm leadership looks to retire, including those practices that enable successful transitions in ownership and leadership.

In this study, we also asked a range of questions relating to firms’ leadership development practices, and then overlaid that data against firms’ financial performance, i.e. firm transition and leadership development effectiveness.

And finally, we wrap up with specific conclusions based on how the most successful firms are planning for ownership and leadership transition, and developing their next generation leaders. Our goal is to provide new insight into best practices for effective firm transition and leadership development.

Publisher: PSMJ Recources, Inc.

Date Published: 2016

Number of Pages: 34 pages

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ISBN: 155538-355-1

Format: PDF

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