Detailed Course Agenda

A. Articulating Your Differentiation and Positioning Strategy
How different is your firm, really?
What you need to do to make your firm stand out from the crowd
The three things you MUST know to position yourself to win
Positioning strategies that let David beat Goliath

B. Focusing on What Clients Really Care About
Learn client-speak
What do your clients actually care about
Using PSMJ’s powerful IFBP approach to keep clients happy and get more work
Getting regular feedback from clients (PSMJ client satisfaction survey template included)

C. Understanding Your Strategy Before the RFP
What you can do to position yourself to win the project…even before the RFP has been issued?
Why you must focus on strategic clients
How to track opportunities and build a proposal pipeline effectively
What clients are really asking for in RFPs – what it does and doesn’t say
How to influence RFPs before they leave the clients hands

D. Choosing the Right Opportunities
Why you should always do a Go/No-Go assessment
How to say “no” in a way that creates future opportunities
Making sure your proposal speaks to the client’s most important issues
Who should be on your team and why?
How to strategically price a project so everybody wins
Why you should focus on winning, not just ‘making the short list’

E. A Winning Proposal Starts with Good Strategy and Organization
What’s the right way to write a proposal for public sector work
How to deal with page limits and other unusual requirements
How to clearly define roles during the process…and make them stick
What 11 steps you must follow to create winning proposals
Teaming with other firms/exclusive vs. non-exclusive subs

F. Building a Proposal that Your Clients Will Want to Read
Using a language style to make your proposals more attractive to clients
Presenting your firm’s qualifications without using boilerplate
What every part of your proposal should look like
Use PSMJ’s IFBP technique to keep your proposal focused
How to prove your claims in a way no one can dispute
Telling your story even within a constricted public sector format
Real examples (good and bad) of what other firms are doing
Using a 30-second test to tell if your proposal is any good

G. Leveraging Technology to Your Advantage
Standing out in a digital world
Using video and other media to maximize impact
The biggest mistakes to avoid with electronic proposals
How to deal with the unique constraints of electronic proposals

H. Implementing What You Have Learned
Creating a personal action plan
Making sure the lessons stick
How NOT to be a voice in the wilderness
What are you going to do tomorrow?