Past Attendee Reviews

"Very worthwhile course. I am glad we came with 4 people!"
— Don Mellott. PE | Managing Principal | BCRA


"I love hearing ideas that flip my own perspectives and begin opening up new possibilities in my mind."
— Joseph Rydman | Senior Associate Architect | BCRA Design


"I love PSMJ training programs. I always feel like I leave as a wiser employee."
— Anita Atkinson | Dept Head | P&D Engineers


"The workshop was very informative and helped me re-focus my attention to business and how to go about it."
— Robert S. Morrisey | VP | JRS Architect


"Excellent workshop. Lots of action items taken away."
Mark Mikulin | Senior Project Manager | EEA Consulting Engineers

"A great investment of my time."

— Michael A. Frison | Principal | Coffman Engineers

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