Past Attendee Reviews

"Look forward to sending others here and coming back myself."
— Daniel Gonzales, VP | Electrical Engineering | Molzen Corbin

"The course was excellent and I feel it has provided me with a lot of tools to perform my job better. It has offered new ideas to improve processes or influence my company."
— Sean Casey|  Project Engineer | FVB Energy, Inc.

"Great course and great instructor. Lots of great anecdotes, real world experience, enthusiastic and a fantastic presenter."
— Kurtis Topping | Design Engineer | Read Jones Christoffersen

"Lots of enthusiasm from the speaker and the info was conveyed very well."
— Paul Koska | Architect | LS3P


"Knowledgeable and personable instructor. Class was entertaining and informative." 
— Tony Laporte | Sr. Project Mgr | WSP


"Alan was an excellent instructor. His presentation was clear, engaging, and extremely helpful. His experience in his field is clearly apparent from his delivery."
— James Thornton, Project Manager, Sweet Sparkman


"The instructor always makes or breaks the class. He is exceptional and can truly and effectively teach!"  
— Travis Hazard | Project Manager | JEO Consulting Group Inc.


"Excellent program--I learned a ton and will be changing my behavior on Monday!"
— John Sullivan | Director of Architecture | Spagnola Gisness & Associates, Inc.


"A great course. I really enjoyed presentation style and enthusiasm." 
— Kelby Laxdal | Project Engineer | CPS, Ltd


"The instructor was fabulous…the best presenter I have seen in a long time."
— Michele Gargano | Senior Project Manager | BCA Architects


"Great presentation.  I’m looking forward to getting back to the office and implement."
— Andrew Wiesner | Project Manager | Carollo Engineers


"We here at Commonwealth totally believe in your PM Bootcamp and
we are using it as the foundation for PM development."
— Samuel R. Barnes, P.E. | Vice President | Power Generation and Energy


"Best professional development course I have taken in my career! I will implement 'PM Change' with great enthusiasm"
— Blair Shoniker | Environmental Planner | AECOM

"This course really hit it on the button – every project manager needs to take this course!"
— Charles Prior | Project Engineer | Stearns & Wheler - GMD 

"The information was so valuable and quickly delivered that I was afraid to leave the room. So much content was delivered in 2 days!"
— Janet Pini | Project Architect | DMR Architects


“Program introduced new concepts & reinforced others. Very useful overall!”
— Smita Sivakumar | Process Engineer | Carollo Engineers


"The program I attended was excellent. The course material and the presenter was very good and to the point. I will recommend this coarse to other colleagues if the chance arises. I did receive my certificate and Thank You for your help."
— Eric Stockli, P.E. | Senior Mechanical Engineer | Bridgers & Paxton Consulting Engineers, Inc.


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