Detailed Course Agenda

A.  Getting Started
What are the key mistakes design firms make in Ownership Transition?

What key trait should I look for in a new leader?
How to separate “ownership” from “leadership” and why
What are the 10 commandments of leadership development?
How to evaluate the management performance of future leaders
What are the 5 keys to a successful transition?

B. Selecting the Right Successors
How to customize your criteria for picking leaders
What are the 3 best ways to groom and measure success of future leaders?
What are the differences between first generation and second generation owners?
How best to make the offer to future leaders
What to do if the selected owner says “no”
What are the 5 best methods of resolving partner disputes?

C. Valuation
What are the 7 valuation approaches used by accountants?
What are my firm’s key risk factors?
How much is my firm worth?
How are intangible assets measured?
How to address the buyer/seller gap in paying for stock

D. Terms of Successful Buy/Sell Agreements
What are the 5 reasons non-competes don’t really work?
Which 59 factors make up a proper buy-sell agreement?
How can you indemnify former owners without killing the company?
How can retirement payout be structured to avoid taxes?
What are the 35 terms you need to implement right away?

E. Financing and Cash Flow
How to finance the transition of stock
What are the 3 key ways to minimize the tax impact of a transition?
How to fund the transition internally
What’s best way to handle gifts of stock correctly?
What’s the best way to manage the divorce or bankruptcy of a partner?

F. ESOP and Stock Option Plans
What is an ESOP?
How to determine if an ESOP is right for your firm
What’s the best way to structure stock option plans that benefit everyone?
What’s the best way to structure a successful shareholder agreement under ERISA?
How to retain majority control of the firm while distributing stock

G. Handling the Logistics
Who should be involved in transition planning?
When and how to bring in legal and accounting advisors
When is an outside consultant/mediator needed?


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