A/E/C Emerging Leaders Workshop 
Detailed Course Agenda

A. Becoming A Strategic Leader In Your Firm
Why does your firm exist? Why do your employees go to work in the morning? And why should anyone care?

What are your firm’s core values?
Is your firm practice-centered or business-centered? Is that what you want?
Are your firm’s principals culturally aligned?
What’s your definition of “growth”? How much do you want to grow?
The difference between a long-term strategic plan and an annual business plan

B. Becoming A Business Development Leader In Your Firm
How to become a great networker. (It’s easier and less stressful than you think)

Getting the critical information you need about potential projects
Making smart go/no go decisions
Developing a winning strategy for the proposals you decide to pursue
Negotiating win-win contracts with your clients
Why cross-selling is so hard – and how to do it successfully
“Zippering” the relationships between your firm and your client’s organization

C. Developing Your PMs Into Strong Project Managers
Why developing projects managers should be one of your highest priorities

Fostering independence instead of dependence on principals
Designating “Assistant PMs” as a way to move from managing projects to managing project managers

D. Building A High Performance Team
Leadership vs. management – what ‘s the difference and why is it important?

How strong are your leadership and management skills?
Do you have an Achilles Heel?
How much time should you spend on projects, business development and other overhead activities? (includes benchmarking with other similar size firms)
Moving from “the golden rule” (treat others as you would like to be treated) to the “platinum rule” (treat others as they would like to be treated)
Understanding and dealing with different personality types
How Maslow’s and Herzberg’s studies affect the way you lead your team
How to become a “Level 5 Leader”
What is “employee engagement” and how can you engage your team?
Moving your team from a culture of entitlement to a culture of “intrapreneur”
Using the PSMJ Rainbow Model to develop a high performance team

E. Developing The Next Generation Of Leaders In Your Firm
Why the coming retirement wave will wreak havoc among many small and midsize A/E firms

A simple, 7-step process to develop the next generation of leaders
Who are your firm’s next generation of leaders? What education, training and experience do they need to become great leaders?

F. Implementing This Program
Successfully dealing with stress that leaders face every day

Your personal action plan
How to implement strategic change in your firm