A/E/C Branch Office Optimization

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Program Format:  Live/Instructor-Led
Program Length:  Two Days
Avg. Attendee Rating:  4.9/5.0
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“Great overall big picture program. Lots of factors for us to consider and implement”
- Steve Mincey, CEO, DES Architects and Engineers

Branch Office


If yours is like most A/E/C firms, you open a branch office with the best of intentions.  Perhaps a key employee is relocating and you don’t want to lose this top performer.  Maybe a great client has promised more work if you could just get “boots on the ground” in a specific location.  Or, you may be struggling with getting new projects in a hot market because you don’t have a physical address there.

Sound familiar?  Whatever the reason for opening the branch office, the story ends the same way for too many A/E/C firms after a few short years.  Mediocre financial performance, not enough new work coming in the door, internal friction regarding resource allocation, etc. 

According to PSMJ research, nearly HALF of all branch offices closures are tied to either not enough work coming in the door or poor internal communication and coordination.  Believe it or not, both of these problems are completely avoidable! 

You invest a lot of time and money to get a new office launched (whether through an acquisition or an organic build) and closing it means walking away from a big investment, stunted growth opportunities, lost talent, and possibly a frustrated client or two.  So, rather than take the plunge a close it, you let it limp along hoping that the problem will eventually fix itself.

Here's the hard truth…branch office underperformance is costing your firm real money in lost profits every single month.     

PSMJ’s A/E/C Branch Office Optimization Senior Executive Roundtable is your chance to learn from the mistakes of others, get answers to you tough questions, and put the headache of suboptimal branch office performance behind you!  And, this is about way more than just closing branch offices.  You learn the right ways to open and operate a branch office so that the thorny issue of closing the office never happens!

Take this quick quiz to see if this program is right for you.  Just answer these 5 questions with a simple 'Yes', 'No', or 'Not Sure':

1.  Are my branch offices meeting their stated performance goals?

2.  Do I have clear KPIs (that are easy to measure and difficult to manipulate) to gauge branch office performance?

3.  Am I satisfied with the performance of our Branch Office Manager(s)?

4.  Do we have a single company culture across all offices?

5.  Do we have productive collaboration on projects, proposals, and work sharing between offices?

If your answer to ANY of these questions is ‘No’ or ‘Not sure’, this program will unlock revenue and profit growth that is sitting right underneath your nose…and help you to avoid the common (yet painful) mistakes others have made before you. 


Over two days of instruction, real-world case studies, and interactive exercises, we cover virtually every facet of effective branch office management...from accounting to marketing to organization structure. Some of the specific elements of the Roundtable include:

A/E/C Branch Office Optimization Roundtable



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Bill Hinsley

William E. Hinsley III has been involved with the A/E/C Industry for more than 14 years, serving as a senior leader for W.S. Atkins and Arcadis.  Previously, he was a Senior Management Analyst for two governors’ commissions focused on Everglades Restoration in South Florida. Bill’s extensive project management experience includes planning, engineering, procurement, and management of large civil works projects ranging in capital value from $1 million to $11 Billion.  Following Hurricane Katrina, Bill led his firm’s proposal, negotiation, and ramp-up efforts to provide consultant program and project management support to the USACE New Orleans District’s repairs to the Southern Louisiana Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System.



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Our interactive Roundtable format – with smaller groups and more open discussion – is designed to cover the issues that matter most to you.  But, if you are looking for an experienced more tailored to you and your organization where your entire leadership team can get on the same page, check out our in-house training program options here.



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Day 2 - 8:00am - 3:30pm 



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