2020 A/E Management Compensation Benchmark Survey Report


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Whether you have one employee or thousands of employees in your architecture or engineering firm, you need a data-driven and defensible approach to be sure that your management salaries are fair and reasonable. 

When salaries get too bloated, the firm’s cash flow and profits suffer…and disruptive layoffs become the only fix.  When your managers are underpaid, that “do you have a minute?” meeting, where one of your top managers breaks the news that she is leaving, might be right around the corner.

Regular compensation benchmarking is the “ounce of prevention” that is way more cost effective than a “pound of cure”. But, using low-quality data often leads to low-quality decisions and that can cause irreparable damage to your firm. So, how do you get the highest quality benchmarking data available? 

Only the best benchmarking data is:

  • Vetted. Our data is gathered through an in-depth survey that is scrubbed against a series of error traps and reviewed from multiple angles for reasonableness.
  • Unbiased. Our data is provided by employers rather than employees.  That means a higher degree of confidence that the salaries are current and accurate…not over- or under-stated to support an ulterior motive.
  • Comprehensive. Our data is way more than just simple salaries.  This report digs deep into cash and non-cash components to give you the full picture.

PSMJ’s 2020 A/E Management Compensation Benchmark Survey Report packs all the information that you need for management compensation benchmarking in your A/E firm in an easy-to-read format. We cover everything from healthcare costs to fringe benefits, salaries, and bonus amounts for 18 management roles working in private and government sectors. You also get:

  • Time allocation for projects, business development, and overtime by position
  • Past and projected salary increases for partners/principals, managers, and more
  • Projected bonus levels
  • Personal time off and various perks for management positions
  • Details on how compensation compares between positions
  • Historical compensation trends over the past decade
  • And much more …

Don’t go another day wondering if you got compensation benchmarking right in your firm.  With this data at your side, you get confidence and peace-of-mind that you can’t get anywhere else.

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*Our data is broken down by firm size, firm type, and client type. Peer group data is dependent on the number of participants for each position.

Publisher: PSMJ Resources, Inc.

Date Published: 2020

Number of Pages: 350 pages

Availability: Mid-May 2020

ISBN: 15538-360-2

Format: Hardcopy & PDF

Price: $587.00

If you are interested in past years versions of this survey please contact dconstantine@psmj.com or call (617) 965-0055.

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