Executive Summary

Base Salary
Total Direct Compensation
Total Direct Compensation-FAR Basis
Salary in Relation to CEO
Bonus in Relation to CEO
Total Direct Compensation in Relation to CEO
Salary Increases Awarded Last Year
Time Charged to Projects
Time Charged to Business Development
Billing Rates per Hour
Total Days of Leave
Additional Management Fringe Benefits
Company Car
Professional Dues
Health/Social Club Dues
Educational Reimbursement
Legal/Financial Aid
Paid Overtime
Key Person Insurance
Retirement Contributions
Retirement as a Percentage of Salary

Projections for 2020
Projected 2020 Salary Increases
Projected Bonuses
Projected Staff Size Changes in 2020

Position Profiles
Each profile contains all of the metrics listed in the Executive Summary above
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer/Executive VP
Senior VP/Senior Principal
Other Principals/Partners
CFO/Director of Finance
Chief Administrative Officer/Business Manager          
Director of BIM/CAD Services
Director of Operations
Director of Business Development
Director of Marketing
Director of Human Resources
Director of IT/Computer Operations
Branch Office Manager
Department Head
Senior Project Manager
Project Manager

Boards of Directors

Boards of Directors
External Board Members/Directors
Internal Board Members/Directors