2019 A/E HR Benchmark Survey Reports

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PSMJ’s 2019 A/E Bonus & Benefit Plans Benchmark Survey Report is so much more than a few data points on performance bonuses and health insurance. This report digs deep into exactly when, where, and how the A/E industry’s top performers are delivering on the promise to keep their talent engaged and productive.

Published end of April 2019

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PSMJ’s 2019 A/E Management Compensation Benchmark Survey Report packs all the information that you need for management compensation benchmarking. We cover everything from salaries and bonuses to healthcare costs and fringe benefits for 18 management roles working in private and government sectors.

Published mid-May 2019

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PSMJ's 2019 A/E Staff Compensation Benchmark Survey Report provides detailed compensation data for 60 professional staff and technical positions as well as several support positions based simply on discipline and years of experience.

Published end of May 2019

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