2019 A/E Bonus & Benefits Benchmark Survey
Table of Contents

Action Summary: A Call to Action for Anyone Implementing a Bonus Plan

Putting Bonus Plans to Work in Your Firm
General Thoughts on How to Pool Your Profits
Allocating Profits in the Form of Profit Pools
Profits to Be Retained by the Firm
Profits to Reward Owners for Their Investment
Profits That Reward Employees for Achieving Incentives
Several Benefits of This Approach


Incentive Compensation Plans

Use of Cash and Non-Cash Bonus Plans
Number of Different Cash Bonus Plans
Different Types of Cash Bonus Plans
Types of Non-Cash Bonus Plans

Annual Performance Bonus Plan

Annual Performance Bonus Payments as Percentage of Total Payroll Salaries
Annual Performance Bonus Payments as Percentage of Net Revenues
Annual Performance Bonus Payments in Dollars per Total Staff

Staff Eligibility and Bonus Plan Factors

Staff Groups Eligible for Bonus Plans
Factors Used To Determine Incentive Payments
The Flat Percentage-of-Salary Bonus Plan

Administration of Bonus Plans

Who Recommends Individual Bonus Amounts?
Who Finalizes Bonus Payments?
How Often Are Bonus Payments Distributed?

Measures of Bonus Plan Satisfaction

Overall Level of Satisfaction
Fair Level of Reward to Staff
Reward Desired Employee Performance
Plan Motivates Staff
Ease of Administration
Plan Meets Firm’s Overall Needs
Level of Satisfaction Analysis


Overall Firm Benefits Strategies and Staff Turnover

Overall Firm Strategies Concerning Benefits
Design Firms vs. Other Industries
Staff Turnover Analysis
Reasons for Staff Turnover
New Recruit Policy Waivers

Holiday, Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave

Vacation Benefits
Vacation Carryover and Payment upon Termination
Sick Leave Benefits
Sick Leave Carryover and Payment upon Termination
Personal Leave Benefits
Personal Leave Carryover and Payment upon Termination

Additional Types of Leave

Jury Duty Policies
Military Reserve Leave
Bereavement Leave
Maternity Leave
Paternity Leave
Family Leave

Office Time and Work Policies

Overtime Pay Benefits
Office Hours, Flextime, Comp Time, and Working From Home

Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan Options
Employer Contributions to Retirement Plans

Insurance and Educational Benefits

Group Insurance Payment Policies
Group Insurance Payment Percentages
Types of Group Insurance Offered
Types of Medical Insurance Plans Offered
Cafeteria Plans
Continuing Education Benefits
Professional Registration Benefits

Employee Relocation Benefits

Relocation Payment Policies
Basis for Relocation Payments
Types of Reimbursable Relocation Costs

Employee Performance and Salary Reviews

Employee Performance Review Policies
Employee Salary Review Policies

Ownership Policies

Ownership Transition
Management Succession
Strategy Sessions