2017 A/E Bonus & Benefits Benchmark Survey
Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Big Picture Results
Survey Organization and Discussion

Key Survey Results: A Summary of All Results

Key Bonus Program Results
Key Employee Benefits Results
Key Survey Comparison Results
Overall Fringe Benefit Policy Comparison
Bonus Policy Comparison Results
Employee Benefit Comparison Results
Employee Turnover Comparison Results

Action Summary: A Call to Action for Anyone Implementing a Bonus Plan

Putting Bonus Plans to Work in Your Firm
General Thoughts on How to Pool Your Profits!
Allocating Profits in the Form of Profit Pools
Profits to Be Retained by the Firm
Profits to Reward Owners for Their Investment
Profits That Reward Employees for Achieving Incentives
Several Benefits of this Approach


Section 1-1: Overall Bonus Results

Types of Bonus Plans
Bonus Payment Percentages
Factors That Drive Bonus Plans
Plan Changes and Administrative Issues
Level of Satisfaction
A Wake-up Call Is Necessary: Motivation and Rewarding Desired Performance

Section 1-2: Common Types of Incentive Compensation Plans

Use of Cash and Non-Cash Bonus Plans
Number of Different Cash Bonus Plans
Different Types of Cash Bonus Plans
Types of Non-Cash Bonus Plans

Section 1-3: Cash Incentive Plan Costs and Payments

Total Cash Bonus Payments as Percentage of Total Payroll Salaries
Total Cash Bonus Payments as Percentage of Net Revenues
Total Cash Bonus Payments in Dollars per Total Staff
Range of Incentive Payments as Percentage of Salary 

Section 1-4: Annual Performance Bonus Plan

Annual Performance Bonus Payments as Percentage of Total Payroll Salaries
Annual Performance Bonus Payments as Percentage of Net Revenues
Annual Performance Bonus Payments in Dollars per Total Staff

Section 1-5: Staff Eligibility and Bonus Plan Factors

Staff Groups Eligible for Bonus Plans
Factors Used To Determine Incentive Payments
The Flat Percentage-of-Salary Bonus Plan

Section 1-6: Administration of Bonus Plans

Who Recommends Individual Bonus Amounts?
Who Finalizes Bonus Payments?
How Often Are Bonus Payments Distributed?
How Many Years Have Bonuses Been Paid Over the Past Five Years?
Changes to Bonus Plans in the Past Five Years 

Section 1-7: Measures of Bonus Plan Satisfaction

Overall Level of Satisfaction
Fair Level of Reward to Staff
Reward Desired Employee Performance
Plan Motivates Staff
Ease of Administration
Plan Meets Firm’s Overall Needs
Level of Satisfaction Analysis


Section 2-1. Overall Benefits Results

Employee Turnover Results
Paid Holiday Benefits
Vacation Leave Benefits
Sick Leave Benefits
Personal and Additional Leave Policies and Benefits
Additional Employee Leave Policies
Office Time and Work Policies
Group Insurance Policies and Health Benefits
Retirement Plan Types, Policies, and Benefits
Miscellaneous Fringe Benefit Plans

Section 2-2. Overall Firm Benefits Policy and Staff Turnover Survey Results

Overall Firm Policy Concerning Benefits
Design Firms vs. Other Industries
Staff Turnover Analysis
Reasons for Staff Turnover
New Recruit Policy Waivers

Section 2-3. Holiday, Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave Survey Results

Holiday Benefits
List of Typical Holidays
Vacation Benefits
Vacation Carryover and Payment upon Termination
Sick Leave Benefits
Sick Leave Carryover and Payment upon Termination
Personal Leave Benefits
Personal Leave Carryover and Payment upon Termination

Section 2-4. Additional Types of Leave Survey Results

Jury Duty Policies and Benefits
Military Reserve Leave Policies and Benefits
Maternity Leave Policies and Benefits
Family Leave Policies and Benefits

Section 2-5. Office Time and Work Policy Survey Results

Overtime Pay Benefits
Office Hours, Flextime, Comp Time, and Telecommuting Survey Results
Flextime Policies and Benefits
Compensatory Time (Comp Time) Policies and Benefits
Remote Working (Telecommuting) Policies and Benefits
Company Support of Telecommuting Employees

Section 2-6. Retirement Plan Survey Results

Retirement Plan Option Survey Results
Employer Contributions to Retirement Plans

Section 2-7. Insurance and Educational Benefits Survey Results

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
How Has the Affordable Care Act Affected Firms?
Now That the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Is in Place…
Group Insurance Payment Policy Results
Group Insurance Payment Percentages
Employee Group Insurance Payment Amounts
Types of Group Insurance Offered
Types of Medical Insurance Plans Offered
Cafeteria Plan Benefit Results
Cafeteria Plan Options
Continuing Education Benefit Results
Professional Registration Benefit Results

Section 2-8. Employee Relocation Benefits Survey Results

Relocation Payment Policy Results
Basis for Relocation Payments
Types of Reimbursable Relocation Costs

Section 2-9. Employee Performance and Salary Review Survey Results

Employee Performance Review Policy Results
Employee Policy Survey Results

Section 2-10. Management Transition Policy Survey Results

Management Transition Policy Results


Section 3-1: Benefit Policy Comparison Results

Superior Fringe Benefits
Superior Fringe Benefit Results
Competitive Fringe Benefits
Competitive Fringe Benefit Results
Minimum Fringe Benefits
Minimum Fringe Benefit Results

Section 3-2: Bonus Policy Comparison Results

Highest Bonus Dollars per Staff
Highest Bonus Dollars per Staff Results
Staff Motivation Rated as “Very Satisfied”
Staff Motivation Rated as “Very Satisfied” Results
Overall Bonus Plan Rated as “Very Satisfied”
Overall Bonus Plan Rated as “Very Satisfied” Results

Section 3-3: Fringe Benefit Comparison Results

Highest Percentage of Group Insurance Paid by Employer
Highest Percentage of Group Insurance Paid by Employer Results
Highest Retirement Contribution Per Staff
Highest Retirement Contribution Per Staff Results 

Section 3-4: Employee Turnover Comparison Results

Lowest Turnover Rates
Lowest Turnover Rate Results
Highest Turnover Rates

Section 3-5: Profitability Rate Comparison Results

Highest Profitability Rates
Highest Profitability Rates Results
Lowest Profitability Rates
Lowest Profitability Rates Results


Appendix A: The Survey Database

Role of the Advisory Board
The Sample
Some Cautions
Important Analysis Techniques

Appendix B: The Questionnaire

Appendix C: Regional Analysis

Appendix D: Index


Purchase A/E Bonus and Benefits Benchmark Survey Report