2017 A/E Valuation Survey
Table of Contents



A Word of Caution

Chapter 1: The Basics of A/E Business Valuation

There's No "Right" Way to Value a Business
Key Factors When Valuing a Firm 
How Not to Value a Firm
Valuation and Risk
Adjustments and Benchmarking

Chapter 2: Valuation Multiple Data and Analysis

About the Data
The Selection of Multiple Factors

    • Book Earnings
    • Earnings
    • Gross Revenue
    • Total Staff
    • Capitalization Rate 
    • Return on Equity 

Chapter 3: Valuation Case Studies

Chapter 4: What to Do Now

Valuation is Just the Start
Ownership Transition Challenges
Merger & Acquisition Challenges
Tips for an Effective Strategic Plan
How to Increase Your Firm's Value
Additional Resources

Appendix A: Survey Information 
Appendix B: Compensation Benchmarking Examples

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