2017 A/E Bonus & Benefits Benchmark Survey Report/Benchmark Tool Bundle

2017 A/E Bonus & Benefits Benchmark Bundle

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Don't sell yourself short. It is one thing to have access to data, it is another thing to know how to use that data. 

The 2017 A/E Bonus & Benefits Benchmark Survey Report digs deep into exactly when, where, and how the A/E industry’s top performers are delivering on the promise to keep their top performers engaged and productive. 

The sophisticated MS Excel spreadsheets of the Benchmark Tool compare your firm’s data instantly against firms of similar size, service, client type and client markets. Just input your firm’s data, and a click of your mouse provides you with a clear, objective snapshot of where your firm stands against the most critical benchmarking indicators.

When used together, the benchmark survey report and benchmark tool will give you the data you need to keep your employees happy and increase productivity and profitability.