2016 A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report

Financials are the ultimate scorecard!

PSMJ's A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report

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How does your A/E firm’s financial performance stack up against the competition?  Where do you excel and where do you fall short compared to architecture or engineering firms of similar size, type or market sector served?  Did your strategic initiatives deliver the results you expect?  How fast is cash being collected in the industry today?  How chargeable should your staff be and are you carrying too much labor overhead?

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PSMJ’s 2016 A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report puts the answers to these questions (and many more!) at your fingertips.  No other product contains the detailed information that your architecture or engineering firm needs to thrive in today’s economy. In fact, we use a variety of key performance metrics from this report to select PSMJ’s prestigious Circle of Excellence, an elite group of the industry’s most successful firms!

With the 2016 A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report you can:

  • Benchmark your architecture or engineering firm’s financial performance against the largest available cross-section of architecture and engineering industry peers and competitors available!
  • Drive accountability for performance because you have the “numbers” to set the bar!
  • Make informed changes to overhead, operations or policies that improve profitability and cash flow of your A/E firm!
  • Consider historical architecture and engineering financial performance trends over the past 25+ years!

The value-packed 2016 A/E Financial Performance Benchmark Survey Report contains more than 100 metrics that you can benchmark against, including: 

  • Labor utilization rate.
  • Target and achieved net payroll multiplier.
  • Direct labor costs per direct labor hour (including data by state).
  • Operating overhead rate (including data by state and in FAR format).
  • Bonus/Incentive payments as a percentage of direct labor.
  • Accounts receivable collection rate.
  • Average work-in-process.
  • Return on equity.
  • Line of credit as a percentage of net revenue.
  • Current ratio (with and without deferred tax liabilities included).
  • Net revenue backlog change from previous year (including data by state).
  • Staff ratios, size change, and turnover rates.
  • Net revenue per total staff, technical staff, and other functional areas.
  • Key historical trends and insight.
  • Cash-basis metrics.
  • And much more!

Go beyond the basics and get comprehensive detailed information that you can use. PSMJ’s financial performance survey data drills down to peer groups based on firm size, type, geographic location, and even client types and market sectors!  Want to see how architecture or engineering firms focused on the private sector compare to those in the public sector?  Find it here.  Looking for data that is most relevant for your firm focused on the transportation sector versus the housing market?  It is all here!

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Date Published: 2016
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