Pre-Summit Workshops

Pre-Summit Workshop Option A:
ENGAGE! Engaging Employees To Drive Business Results

Bob Kelleher / Employee Engagement Group
Join Bob
 as he facilitates the nation’s #1 employee engagement workshop for managers. Leave the workshop with more than 25 practical engagement tools and templates, including:

  • How to apply 10 employee engagement steps that will transform your culture
  • Proven practical employee engagement processes and ideas
  • The latest research to make the business case that engagement drives profits

Pre-Summit Workshop Option B:
Creating the Purpose-Driven Firm

John Doehring, CMC / PSMJ Resources, Inc.
Is your organization just muddling along—with good (but not great) performance? Are your professionals pretty good at getting the client’s work done, but much less effective at improving the firm itself? If this sounds familiar, join John for this fast-paced, entertaining, and highly-interactive workshop, which covers:

  • How mission, vision, and enterprise strategy must coalesce to drive organization alignment
  • How top firms find and secure the best talent, and then keep them happy and productive
  • Best practices and new ideas for successful recruiting, training, mentoring, and career pathing