Past Attendee Reviews

"Since Principals Bootcamp, we have become a much better company in many respects. PSMJ is solid gold in our books."
Darrell Haight, President and CEO - Trace Associates

"Great value of my time."
- Gary Guyette, Vice President - Mesa Associates

"The speaker was very engaging and interactive, maintained full interest throughout."  
Wirt Lanning, Program Manager - North State Resources, Inc.

"This was truly amazing and more than worth the invetment. The tools are just what I needed."
- Lacrissa Davis, Principal Biologist - Rincon Consultants

"The speaker is a great presenter with a great command of the subject matter."
- Ray Keane, Principal - Engineering 350

"The speaker was an excellent and engaging presenter. I wish the program was longer, I could have learned even more."
Jennifer Haddow, Senior Scientists - Rincon Consultants

"Very insightful for the future leaders and/or owners of A/E firms."
Reyn Hashiro, Project Manager - Yogi Kwong Engineers

"One of the best seminars ever. Recommended for anyone on a principal level."
Jeff Romeo, Principals - Fitzmeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc.

"Great course! Would recommend to others."
David Layton, Principal - Sage Engineering Associates

"Speaker did an excellent job. I thoroughly enjoyed this bootcamp." 
- Derek Johnson, Office Manager - Sunrise Engineering Inc.

"Excellent course. Learned so much. I'm very excited to send more staff to this course as well as others offered by PSMJ."
- Anthony Guckert, Senior Vice President - The Traffic Group Inc. 

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