Detailed Course Agenda


A. Strategy
What’s your firm’s culture and why is it important to your success?

What is the best strategy for your niche services or commodity services?
Expanding into new markets
Why 90% of design firms’ mission statements are a waste of time
How your firm can achieve sustainable growth—even in a tough market
Developing an action-oriented strategic plan that doesn’t just gather dust 

B. Business Development
Get up-to-date market research on 55 different A/E/C markets…for free

Target markets that offer high profitability as well as high revenues
Get independent, confidential feedback from 40 of your most important clients
Pre-qualify potential clients (instead of waiting for them to pre-qualify you)
Turn your current clients into marketers who will help you get new clients
Cross-sell and up-sell to your best clients
Win a project when you are 1 of 40 firms proposing
Turn marketing into an enjoyable activity
Turn your PMs into effective salespeople 

C. Organizational Structure
What is a “market-based organization” and why is it important to your firm?

What is the best organizational structure for your firm?
How to get your offices to work as a single company
Why profit centers are becoming passé
How to get real value from your Board of Directors 

D. Project Delivery
Strong PMs and Principals should work together

How many PMs do you need to handle your workload?
Measure the effectiveness of your PMs
Move from managing projects to managing project managers 

E. Financial Management
6 ways to raise your multiplier to 5.0 or higher

How does your firm’s financial performance compare with similar firms
What is “value pricing” and how can it help your firm become more profitable?
Increasing your fees—and getting away with it
Why obsessing about chargeability won’t necessarily lead you to higher profits
The one metric you must track if you want to focus on high profitability
10 ways to speed up A/R collections

F. Human Resource Management
Why 99% of firms can’t balance workload/resources—and how the top 1% do it

Moving your employees from a culture of entitlement to an “intrapreneurial” culture
Winning the war for talent by recruiting the best and brightest
Retaining and developing your people to their full potential
The best kept secret for motivating key employees
Dealing with mediocre (or worse) performers—without damaging morale 

G. Leadership Development
Identifying future leaders and accelerating their development

Improving your personal leadership skills
What kinds of incentive programs really work 

H. Ownership Transition
Why do many ownership transitions fail? Why do others succeed?

3 keys to successful first-generation ownership transitions
What is your firm really worth?
What are the best ways to finance your ownership transition?

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